Tap the world’s business commerce network to control costs and risks while turning today’s procurement challenges into innovation opportunities.

These days it’s easy to feel overextended, given the way your supply chain is stretched so tightly around the globe. All it would take to snap it is the next natural disaster, demand shock, or collapsed regional economy. So it’s no longer enough to just know the right people or best places to buy. Now you need tighter relationships with your suppliers, ultra-current information, and the means to act with utmost speed and agility.

This is precisely why you’re seeing the rise of the networked enterprise. Only through the speed, efficiency, and collaboration enabled by the world's largest web-based business network can you mitigate global economic risks and control your costs. With Erhiny's cloud solutions, you can

  • extend your sourcing and procurement processes beyond the four walls of your organization
  • coordinate and align your business decisions with your trading partners
  • share information and know-how to ensure smarter buying decisions and drive innovation